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Q: How many people can you hold?

A: We can carry 100 passengers at this time. plus crew. We can seat 70 for dinner between all three decks. 1st deck seats 60 comfortably. 2nd deck 20. 


Q: Where do we go at sea?

A: When we leave the dock, the route is determined by the captain using wind, current and weather  as factors for the safety of everyone onboard most routes will be directly in middle river to hart miller island weather pending


Q: Handicap Accessibility?

A: We can accommodate limited access to the first deck of the vessel only. Piers and gangways are narrow and steps are fixed. The bathrooms are not wheelchair friendly we ask please give 24 hour notice and advise the crew prior to boarding so we can assist and make proper accommodations. For more information please call.


Q: Do we allow outside catering?

A: We do allow some smaller parties to bring on their own food for private family events. Private Family birthdays, or bring a dish functions things of that nature.


Q: Can I ride the boat if I didn't buy a ticket in advance?

A: Yes, but we highly recommend you purchase in advance. We cannot guarantee you a ticket without prior purchase of cruise date, a limited amount of tickets will be available for purchase at the gangway at the time of the cruise but again there is no guarantee. 


Q: How long are the cruises?

A: Different events are longer then others. Private events are typically 3 hours.

Lunch and brunch are usually 2 to 2.5 hours. Private parties can last as long as they like for an additional hourly rate.


Q: Why do I need to buy a ticket in advance?

A: Many public cruises fill up quickly.  By purchasing a ticket online or by phone, you know your spot is saved.  Tickets are required 5 days in advance, if we are offering a lunch or dinner cruise. NO meal tickets will be guaranteed available at the gangway.  


Q: Can I ride a lunch or dinner cruise without purchasing a meal?
A:  Yes.  You are not required to purchase a meal to ride the boat. We strongly suggest purchasing a ticket prior to the cruise date.


Q: Can I bring food or drink on the boat?

A:  No outside drinks are allowed and you will be asked to open backpacks and bags for screening. Anything found will not be allowed onboard. Beverages are available for purchase on all cruises.  A cash bar is available for private and public cruises. Some of our cruises may allow you provide your own food. See your trip details.


Q: When should I show up?

A: We start boarding 30 minutes prior to departure. We highly recommend allowing plenty of time for your commute. Due to our size we are an inspected vessel and must follow all screening requirements for homeland security. We will be screening passengers, bags and backpacks prior to boarding.  The boat will leave at exactly the departure time and will not return until the cruise is over.


Q: Where do we park?

A: Parking is available onsite a few hundred feet from the boat. Middle River Landing Marina 1901 Old Eastern Ave. A parking attendant will direct you where to park upon entering the Marina. 

Q: Can I smoke on the boat?

A: Yes, but only on outside decks. We ask to please be respectful of other passengers and properly discard your waste.  


Q: Will I get sea sick?

A:  If you are concerned about this, please ask your physician for their suggestions on preventative medication.


Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: We sail rain or shine. If the weather is too bad the captain will issue a " do not sail order ", but we will still serve dockside and continue our party as scheduled at the dock.  


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: We do not have a dress code. We recommend dressing for the party you are attending and according to the season and weather.


Q: How is dinner served?

A: All dinners are served buffet style. Sit down dinners are possible for some private functions, but must be arranged in advance.

Q: Does the boat rock?

A: Very seldom. We stay in protected waters. We may encounter an occasional wake from a passing boat or other vessel that may create some soft rolling but nothing you would take much notice to. 


Q: Are there bathrooms on the boat?

A: Yes we have Bathrooms or "heads" on 1st deck.


Q: Does the boat make any stops?

A: No, the boat does not make any stops and returns to the same place we depart on public cruises. Some private events can arrange for scheduled stops made in advance.


Q: Are small children allowed?

A: Yes, additionally, we ask that children not be allowed to run on any decks or hang on or over railings. Small children should be supervised by an adult, at all times. 


Q: Do you take seating requests?

A: For public cruises, parties that book 8 or more together will have a private table for dinner. For less then 8 person dinner groups, seating is determined by the amount of tickets sold .                                                                         

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